Finally a date for the marketing of Michelin airless tires

Michelin and General Motors spoke during an interview with CNN Business. They talked about the future of their Uptis airless tyre.

We have already talked about it several times, Michelin, the French flagship, has been working for several years on the concept of anti-puncture tires. Research and development of this model began in 2005. The French company has already shown its novelty on a real car. It was of course an electric car, a

Mini Cooper SE.

What is Uptis?

The Unique Punctureproof Tire System (UPTIS) is a tubeless tire which, thanks to its design, does not require air filling and never punctures.

In addition to the traditional rubber tread, the Uptis tire is composed of a load-bearing structure composed of flexible slats in CVR (Glass-Resin Composite), which theoretically requires no maintenance: no re-inflation or air pressure monitoring. Michelin specifies, in passing, that it will also use entirely recycled and renewable materials for its production chain.

Michelin’s Unique Punctureproof Tire System (UPTIS) // Source: Michelin

The Uptis wheel combines a lightweight aluminum alloy wheel and a flexible fiberglass reinforced plastic support structure. Thanks to this design, this new concept aims to offer the properties of traditional tires.

The main challenge faced by airless tires is their ability to mimic the resistance and flexibility of compressed air tires.

Michelin therefore strives to take into account all possible configurations, the French company must ensure that different tire models work for different types of cars, from sports to SUVs and big trucks. The tire is thus tested for speed, resistance and endurance. What release date?

During an exchange with CNN Business , Alexis Garcin, president of Michelin North America, announced that the brand wanted to “ equip the next generation of Chevrolet Bolt with airless tires . This should happen in the next 3-5 years


Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Uptis tire should therefore be marketed between 2025 and 2028. Michelin and General Motors have been working together for years to develop airless tires, but the interview confirms that the goal is to bring these airless tires to future Chevrolet electric vehicles. Alexis Garcin said he wanted the new generation Chevrolet Bolt to be the first to feature this airless tire.

Michelin already markets an airless tire. air

Michelin already markets the airless X Tweel tyre. This tire is designed for ATVs and lawnmowers. This also gives a first idea of ​​the practical prices: the X Tweel airless radial tire is integrated and costs more than 1000 euros.

At @CES 2022, we presented our MICHELIN X Tweel airless radial tire prototype for @CoasterCycles last-mile delivery eCargo trikes. This tire, part of our #sustainablemobility offer , will ✅ ↗️ end-of-life reuse✅↘️tire maintenance✅ ↗️ safety & stability:

— Michelin (@Michelin) January 14, 2022

The Uptis tires and the X Tweel will have a lot in common, except for the construction of the tire . For the “Uptis”,