How to know that you have fallen into the clutches of a manipulative partner

A toxic relationship is guaranteed by many things, one of them, manipulative people, which are dangerous, that is why today I will tell you about some traits that characterize a manipulative couple, reflect and get them out of your life if you are living it.

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Te makes you doubt

It not only makes you doubt the things around you, but also yourself, since it constantly makes you question to make you feel less. You don’t need such a person in your life, so if you do, let me tell you that you fell into the clutches of a manipulator.

He is always a victim

As long as he does not take responsibility for his actions and prevent you from contradicting him, this person will always assume the role of victim , so you will hear thousands of excuses that you even know by heart, so don’t be fooled, let it go, it’s not worth it.

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You know your weaknesses and use them to your advantage

Your partner knows your weak points, but instead of helping you or encouraging you to change and work on it, he uses them to his advantage, so he reminds you of them often and humiliates you. Please run away from there as soon as you feel strong, you need a mature and healthy partner to team up with you.

Not having talks with you

A person manipulative is characterized by being passive-aggressive, he applies the law of the ice or does not have talks with you. Run away from these types of people, it is not healthy for you to be with a person with any of these characteristics, with this you are only harming yourself.

Does not respect your limits

You do not need a person who invades your limits, and those who are manipulative are characterized by this, they only think about getting away with it. Do not tolerate this behavior even once, if you do you are being too permissive and you are teaching him how to treat you.

He lies to you

There is no clear excuse to lie, just cover up to keep getting away with it. You should not be with someone who believes that lies are a successful way out, please open your eyes woman and let go of what does not respect you.


This person never does anything without conditioning you, since he will always seek his benefit before yours. You should not have as a partner a person who only sees you as an opportunity to climb, when you are in a healthy relationship, you grow together, not trampling on your partner.

How to know that you have fallen into the clutches of a manipulative partner. Photo: pexels

I hope that after reading each of these sections, you realize if you are in a relationship with a manipulative person, if yes, do not give afraid to raise your voice, and if you need support, go to those people in your close circle who will support you at all times.