How do you listen to music on the go?

To listen to your music on the move, are you more of a Bluetooth headset? Headphones supplied with the phone? Smartphone speaker? Tell us everything.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active for illustration // Source: Frandroid

Smartphones have changed the way we listen to music. Like MP3 players or walkmans before them, mobile phones now allow you to enjoy your music in peace, even outside your home. A small revolution in itself, which has been reinforced with the appearance of music streaming platforms.

Especially since there have never been so many choices for enjoying your music on the go. For a long time, the headphones that came with phones were the norm. But, whether it is to enjoy better sound quality or to compensate for the gradual disappearance of these accessories — which are no longer necessarily supplied with telephones — other solutions have taken over.

Now, in addition to the supplied headphones, you can enjoy listening to wired headphones, a wireless headphones, wired earphones or wireless headphones. Some even go so far as to take advantage of their phone’s speakers to listen to their favorite music — including in public places.

Which headphones or earphones do you enjoy your music with?

It is in this context that we wanted to know more about your on-the-go music listening experience. Mostly, with what type of earphones, headphones — or loudspeakers, we’re not here to judge — do you listen to your music? Answer us in the poll of the week.


How do you listen to music on the go?

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  • With a bluetooth headset

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