Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra test, the robot vacuum cleaner that we no longer need to take care of or almost

At the last CES in Las Vegas, Roborock announced new robot vacuum cleaners that further expand its catalog. The very complete (and expensive) S7 MaxV Ultra now occupies the place of flagship. This robot is fully automated or almost. It vacuums the floors, washes them with its vibrating mop and the base does the rest. Indeed, it ensures the emptying of the dust collector in a bag, refills the water tank of the robot for washing the floors and even cleans the mop, collecting the dirty water in a dedicated tank. Here is our test carried out over several weeks.

We knew that the robot and the multifunction base (dubbed the Empty Wash Fill Dock) were sold separately. But we were surprised to find that the S7 MaxV Ultra presented as a complete set was in fact composed of the two pieces of equipment: the robot vacuum cleaner on one side (delivered in a box) and the base on the other (in a second cardboard). The robot is therefore also delivered with its classic compact base. It could possibly be useful for users who have a house on several floors (the S7 MaxV Ultra can save up to 4 different cards). But to be honest, our ecological fiber took a little hit in morale. We would have liked Roborock to offer a real set that does not require you to keep an unused accessory in a corner or to throw it away – even if it means offering a small “discount” (as for certain equipment now sold without a charger, or even without a battery). In use, it also follows that we do not have a complete user manual, but two separate ones, which is not very practical.


A little space required

As we expected given the photos unveiled by Roborock and the features of the device, the S7 MaxV Ultra is particularly imposing. Its multifunction base is far from compact. It has a platform on which the robot climbs, as well as three bins. The one on the right is used to collect dust in a bag. Unlike the “automatic emptying station”, this base works exclusively with a bag, which can contain 1.8 liters or up to 7 weeks of dust according to Roborock. The middle tray accommodates clean water which is used both to fill the robot’s water tank (for washing floors) and to clean the mop. Finally, the tray on the left collects the dirty water that was used to wash the mop.


As for the design of this station, we find it more practical than aesthetic. With these three bins, each with a handle, it feels a bit like having a waste sorting bin in your living room. Roborock has nevertheless equipped the back of the base with a handy winder to avoid leaving excess cable lying around.

Easy to install

Installation is still as simple as ever. The base comes in two parts; just click the platform on the main part. As for the robot, to use the automated base, it must be rid of a small hatch placed in the housing of the collector. Connecting to WiFi is done quickly and without a hitch. We can only regret that as usual, the quick start guide is not translated; it is only available in English (in the version received for our test) and enriched with diagrams. For explanations in French, you have to turn to the two complete user manuals (that of the robot and that of the base). Once the robot is installed and connected, you can change the language. Because like the other Roborock models, the S7 MaxV Ultra often “speaks”, to announce that it is starting the cleaning, that it is finished, that it is cleaning its mop… The voice is rather pleasant and the instructions useful. However, you can silence it if you wish or adjust the sound level.

More automation for more peace of mind
Beyond these considerations, the promise of Roborock is kept insofar as we no longer have to take care of the robot for many cycles. Indeed, we criticized the brand for not providing a spare wipe with the S7. Problem solved here since that of the S7 MaxV Ultra is washed several times during the cycle. The robot regularly returns to its base, when it deems it necessary, to clean the wipe with clean water, ridding it of dust, hair, animal hair… and refilling its water tank on the way. This is a truly beneficial development, especially since it is really effective, the wipe being rid of the impurities collected during cleaning without any problem.