Singer gets excited with a tip of 4 thousand Colombian pesos, but it is 24 Mexican pesos

Not everyone finds it easy to understand the exchange rate from one currency to another, because in addition to the fact that we are used to measuring lifestyle based on the price of things, changing from one currency to another can lose perspective of value, depending on the economic system we are talking about.

For a singer from Sinaloa named Ruby Estephanía this reality became evident when received a tip of 4 thousand Colombian pesos, so many zeros that seemed too many, however, when converting the exchange rate into Mexican currency , it turned out that were only equivalent to 24 pesos, more or less, depending on the day’s exchange rate.

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She tells the story herself through a video on her account YouTube, where he indicates that he was singing on a beach in Mazatlán when some tourists hit him They gave her a tip of 4 thousand Colombian pesos and excitedly, thinking that it was an exorbitant amount, she continued singing. it was equivalent to roughly 24 Mexican pesos, which was disappointing. “When I finished singing and everything, well doing the math and everything, I discovered that the Colombian is obviously not equivalent to the Mexican, we already knew, but I didn’t think it was totally a difference, drastically ” , said the young woman.

In the image he is seen showing the bills of one thousand Colombian pesos, but one Mexican peso is equivalent to 186 Colombian pesos; or vice versa, a Colombian peso is not even five Mexican cents, it is 0.0053 pesos.

“Well, as they say, Ruby Estephanía broke this Sometimes because I thought it was 4 thousand pesos and I was singing many songs. Either way. We sing for the love of art”, he closes in the recording that he shared and that has generated various comments, given the comical confusion but good face with which the girl takes it.

Some people said they were outraged with what happened and criticized the tourists for doing this to the singer, ignoring that it was a hoax on purpose, although others delimit them of responsibility and mention that perhaps they only wanted to encourage her with a significant one of their own.

Fans and other users also encouraged the young woman to continue, maintain that positive attitude, as the story tells, and continue with the charisma that stands out and that surely, they believe, will lead her to great achievements.